GTMC partners with Yapta

UK-based travel management company GTMC has announced it has partnered with airfare and hotel price assurances services provider Yapta, the company said.

Yapta has distribution agreements with 14 of the top 20 travel management companies in the world and offers businesses confidence in travel through airfare and hotel rate price assurance, analytics, and cost savings. Yapta serves more than 8,000 customers globally, including 125 of the Fortune 500. In August, the company opened an EMEA office with a sales team dedicated to helping UK companies reduce their travel costs.

Representing a diverse range of travel management companies — from global companies to small independent specialists and top regional agencies — GTMC, originally founded in 1967, is the voice of business travel and acts to lobby those who have an impact on the business travel community, together with promoting the activities of its members as the best in quality and value to the business traveler.