GSMA Recognizes Turkcell, P.I. Works for Value of Network Automation

Turkcell and P.I. Works have been recognized by GSMA Future Networks Programme for achieving exceptional efficiency gains in network operations and ensuring superior customer experience, the companies said.

P.I. Works and Turkcell have successfully shown that the AI based, service aware network automation delivered stronger improvements as compared to conventional automation solutions. The details of the deployed solutions and their benefits are provided in a joint white paper authored by GSMA, Turkcell and P.I. Works under GSMA´s Future Networks Programme. T

GSMA Future Networks Programme intends to help operators share best practices and discover new opportunities that will enable them to reduce operational and capital expenditures. Given the success of the project, GSMA invited Turkcell and P.I. Works to join the program and provide insights for the AI-based, Service Aware Automated Network Management solutions.

The use cases outlined in the white paper include Predictive Energy Saving, Customer Centric Coverage Optimization and Predictive Load Balancing. P.I. Works´ AI-based automation solutions provided 3.5% reduction in power consumption, 16% higher streaming performance and 2.4% savings in CapEx.