Groen Aeronautics signs MOU with Fleet Holding

Groen Aeronautics Corporation has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Fleet Holding Corporation regarding three of GAC´s Gyroplane aircraft, the tandem two-seat ScoutHawk, the five-seat Hawk5 and the ReconHawk Gyroplane Drone, the company said.

The company said the intent of both parties is that Fleet, through its distribution network, will provide active marketing of all three aircraft in certain markets within their sphere of influence. In addition to this, Fleet will provide engineering support and manufacturing facilities for the GAC ScoutHawk and GAC Hawk5 as well as manufacture parts and avionics for the ReconHawk Gyroplane Drone.

GAC develops a new breed of aircraft designed to meet air mobility needs.

Fleet Holding Corporation specializes in managing aviation-related projects that support projects from inception, marketing and sales, to after delivery support.

Groen Aeronautics Corporation has been issued approximately 40 patents related to sustained autorotative flight.