Groen Aeronautics launches 1st drone program

Groen Aeronautics Corporation (GAC) has begun its first drone program: the optionally manned GAC ReconHawk Gyroplane Drone based upon GAC´s sustained autorotative flight technologies, the company said.

GAC received cash and commitments that are to finance taking the GAC ReconHawk Gyroplane Drone through to production. Investment firm West Mountain LLC has, over the years, invested in Groen´s sustained autorotative flight efforts.

The company said by bringing the Gyroplane platform to drones, Groen Aeronautics Corporation is ready to commercialize its gyroplane technology for the drone market. GAC has begun the effort that will lead to the production of an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) Drone with VTOL capability.

Groen Aeronautics Corporation is an authority on sustained autorotative flight with approximately 40 patents issued and several more underway.