GridRaster Platform to Scale Enterprise Mixed Reality Applications

GridRaster, a California-based Mixed Reality (MR) startup, has built a cloud-based platform for immersive MR on mobile devices and wearables for enterprise applications, the company said.

GridRaster leverages the distributed edge computing architecture and 3D vision-based AI to enable truly immersive MR experiences at scale. The company also has announced USD 2.4 million in Seed funding to strengthen product development and deliver on multiple pilots with select large enterprise customers in aerospace & defense, automotive, and telecommunications.

GridRaster leverages edge cloud and 3D vision-based AI to build Enterprise MR platform for automotive, aerospace & defense and telecommunication sectors.

GridRaster is a Mixed Reality start-up developing the software infrastructure for cloud-based high-quality immersive experiences on wearables and mobile devices; powered by distributed edge-computing and 3D vision-based AI. GridRaster is based out of Silicon Valley, California, and is backed by top VCs and influential angel investors.