GREE Adopts Aviatrix Software with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Aviatrix Systems, a pioneer in Enterprise Cloud-defined Networking, sai that GREE International Entertainment, Inc. is using Aviatrix cloud networking software with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) to accelerate game development and time to market.

As a global leader in free-to-play and thought leader in digital transformation, GREE unleashes the power of gaming by taking it mobile and making it social. The company leverages AWS to build a secure, flexible and scalable cloud-based solution for developing and launching new games more rapidly. Using Aviatrix Enterprise Cloud-defined Networking software, GREE significantly simplified the migration of its development environment to Amazon VPC.

GREE takes gaming to the next level by inviting the entire world to come play. Founded on the belief that a connected world is a better one, we´re passionate about bringing players together, using the universal language of fun. As the global leader in free-to-play, GREE unleashes the power of gaming by taking it mobile and making it social. When you can play what you want, when and where you want, it´s even easier to discover new games, face off against friends, and compete for the top spot on leaderboards.

Aviatrix is a pioneer in Enterprise Cloud-defined Networking, simplifying scaling in the cloud and enabling secure connectivity across a wide range of enterprise cloud architectures. The Aviatrix software solution is built from the ground up for AWS, Azure, and Google environments and enables enterprises to realize the benefits of agility, scale, and mobility when deploying applications in the public or hybrid cloud. Aviatrix provides a comprehensive software solution for all-inclusive secure connectivity between: public cloud regions, leading cloud providers (Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud), enterprise data center and public cloud (hybrid cloud), and VPN user access to clouds.