Granite Joins FCC in Pledging to Keep Americans Connected

Granite Telecommunications, LLC, a USD 1.5 billion provider of communications solutions to businesses and governmental agencies throughout North America, announced that it will join the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) pledge to “Keep Americans Connected” as the country responds to challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic, the company said.

Granite recognizes the important role our customers play in responding to the spread of Coronavirus and its impact on daily life, and we are doing our part to help by continuing to deliver critical communications services at a time when it is needed most.

Data and voice connectivity is essential to the work of our customers in healthcare, government and public safety. The same is equally true for businesses and schools as they strive to continue to deliver much needed services to the public, including expanded bandwidth and higher security.

Many businesses are pivoting towards higher capacity bandwidth and broader arrays of services to help them cope with the additional demands and to keep their customers and employees safe and healthy. Organizations face a significantly greater need for fast reliable Internet access and communications services. Granite is standing with the FCC and others in the industry to ensure those needs remain fulfilled, despite the challenges we all face.

Granite delivers one-stop communications solutions to multilocation businesses and government agencies throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, visit