Grand Wings, Premier Flight Group sign deal

Premier Flight Group International has formed a new partnership with Grand Wings, a recruiting company for a number of Chinese-based air carriers, the company said.

Premier Flight Group International now offers long-term contracts for qualified candidates with Boeing 737, Airbus A320, and Embraer E190/195 for qualified candidates.

Boeing said there will be a need for over 6,300 new aircraft in China by the year 2034, valued at approximately USE1.0 trillion. This, alongside nearly USD5.6 trillion worth of new aircraft projected to be purchased and put in service over the rest of the globe in the same timeframe, could lead to a shortage of qualified applicants. Most projections put the total number of new pilots required in the next 20 years around 550,000, with nearly half of that coming from the Asia Pacific region alone.

Premier Flight Group International has partnered with Grand Wings to offer competitive pay packages for qualified candidates at Lucky Air, Ruili Airlines, Fuzhou Airlines, West Air, and GX Airlines. Top pay is in excess of USD300,000 USD for Boeing 737, USD290,000 USD for Airbus A320 and over USD220,000 for Embraer E190.