Gracias spreads bitcoin to younger, more diverse communities

Gracias, a new mobile app focused on Bitcoin, is working to make crypto accessible for a broader consumer market by integrating familiar and easy-to-use social media functionality like messaging, gifs and emojis, the company said.

For the initial rollout, the mission-driven company is focusing on inclusion, with the goal of driving Bitcoin literacy and adoption amongst a diverse population, especially young people and communities that are traditionally underrepresented in finance.

Now available on iPhone, Gracias is kicking off its pilot program by gifting the first 10,000 users with a small amount of Bitcoin. During the introductory period, when users supply a promo code, Gracias will deposit the equivalent of USD 5 of Bitcoin into the user´s accounts. The company will also gift an additional USD 2 of Bitcoin for each new referral from an existing user to the app.

Gracias raised USD 1.2 million in its first round of funding earlier this year in partnership with Idealab NY, Zynga co-founder Eric Schiermeyer, and No. 1 New York Times bestselling author, philanthropist and the nation´s foremost life and business strategist Tony Robbins. Following the initial three-month closed pilot period, Gracias will partner with a licensed exchange to allow US-based users to buy, sell and spend cryptocurrency.

Gracias is a new app that will allow users to easily send and receive Bitcoin. For more information on Gracias, visit