Government could mandate shutdown of US domestic flights

Bezinga has announced government agencies are considering halting domestic aviation as US airlines have currently grounded domestic flights due to lack of demand resulting from the Coronavirus, the company said.

Airlines in the United States are grounding their domestic flights due to lack of demand resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, as government agencies consider bringing a halt to domestic aviation.

According to a source cited by CNN, planes that were flying at 85-100% capacity at the beginning of 2020, are now doing so at 50% or less. For airlines to breakeven, planes must operate at 65% capacity.

Data released by the TSA indicates 25 TSA screening officers have thus far tested positive for the virus as have five non-screening officers.

The Wall Street Journal reported President Trump and his advisers have exercised caution on halting commercial flights, as they also transport mail and essential cargo across the US.

Federal Aviation Administration controllers have been testing positive for COVID-19, and a dozen traffic-control facilities have had to be temporarily closed and disinfected. The quarantining of FAA workers is increasing the chances of a mandated shutdown of domestic aviation, according to the WSJ.

In the case of a shutdown of commercial aviation in the US, the White House could activate the Civil Reserve Air Fleet, comprising commercial airliners that can help airlift cargo during emergencies.