GoSilent Provides Encryption Technology in Simple, Portable Package

Silent Circle, a pioneer in enterprise-class mobile security, privacy and compliance solutions, has announced the acquisition of Kesala, a Maryland-based company which gained initial startup support from DataTribe, the company said.

A mobile firewall, WiFi hotspot and VPN cloud service outfitted with unrivaled government-grade encryption technology, Kesala-developed GoSilent is the primer necessary for Silent Circle to capitalize on serving a global business market entrenched in a constant battle to assure data security. GoSilent establishes security across desktops, laptops, servers, mobile phones and IoT devices.

GoSilent is user-friendly, extremely compact and requires minimal set up. Compatible with servers, phones, desktops, laptops or any IoT device, the data in motion is government-grade encrypted by GoSilent and then passed through the VPN. The box can be used regardless of the user´s connection to a public or private network and will be complimented by a suite of cloud services Silent Circle will sell alongside the hardware.

Silent Circle´s enterprise-scale secure mobile communications solutions are deployed in hundreds of the most demanding networking environments worldwide, including the Fortune 100 and government agencies in 100+ countries. Delivered through a game-changing mobile ecosystem of software and services, the company´s award-winning product family comprises: Silent Phone, a secure calling and messaging application; Blackphone, a hardened, secure handset; Silent World, a secure way to communicate globally outside of the Silent Phone network; and Silent Manager, a web-based administrative console for managing users. Silent Circle is headquartered in Columbia, Maryland. www.silentcircle.com.