Gooee partners with PointGrab on smart lighting platform

´Full-Stack´ operating platform Gooee has partnered with intelligent edge-analytics sensing solution PointGrab, the company said.

By connecting PointGrab´s deep-learning based sensor, CogniPoint, into Gooee´s ecosystem, and streaming the data to Gooee´s cloud, the partnership aims to enhance the building automation industry through real-time intelligence and energy efficiency.

In the new era of the Internet of Things, there is opportunity to introduce a new approach to building automation that provides real-time intelligence and control. This innovation aims to yield true smart buildings that are efficient, save energy, optimize facility management, enhance safety and security, generate business intelligence and improve occupants´ experience.

PointGrab´s CogniPoint, an edge-analytics sensing solution, provides occupants´ presence, count and positions in a miniature form factor. By utilizing advanced deep learning neural networks technology the device delivers actionable analytics for optimizing building operations, space management, energy savings and business intelligence.

Gooee is the creator of the world´s first ´Full-Stack´ operating platform to connect lighting manufacturers to the IoT. Focused on design, engineering and supply of hardware, software and data management components across the LED lighting value chain, Gooee provides sensing, control and communication components that integrate with an enterprise scale cloud platform. This offers a service-driven, scalable framework for lighting OEMs.

PointGrab is a machine learning and computer vision company that provides smart sensing solutions to the building automation industry. The company applies its superior deep-learning technology to the building automation ecosystem, where opportunities to gather data are abundant, but efficient, real-time analytics are lacking.