GoodRx, SteadyMD Telehealth Launch Pediatric Service

SteadyMD has announced a new partnership with GoodRx, America´s marketplace for affordable and convenient healthcare, the company said.

The pediatric telehealth service that connects a personal doctor with a patient for well checks and continuous virtual care.

SteadyMD pediatrics provides board-certified doctors online to families across the US Each patient is matched with a doctor specifically aligned to the family member´s healthcare conditions, preferences and lifestyle interests.

The GoodRx and SteadyMD offering provides convenience, safety and the steepest discounts on prescription medications at thousands of retail pharmacies and at-home delivery across the nation. The SteadyMD pediatrics service offers doctors who can provide the care and referrals to treat more than 100 conditions, including coronavirus, cold, flu, migraine, asthma, anxiety, depression, acne, and urinary tract infection. New conditions will be added soon to meet the growing needs of patients throughout the country.

On a mission to provide personal online doctors to people everywhere, SteadyMD is a technology company and telehealth provider. Board-certified doctors practice Primary Care, Functional Medicine and Pediatrics in all 50 US States.

GoodRx is the country´s marketplace for affordable and convenient healthcare. The company offers the most comprehensive and accurate resource for prescription medications in the US, gathering pricing information from thousands of pharmacies coast to coast, as well as a telehealth marketplace for online doctor visits. For more information, visit