GomSpace delivers BRO-1 satellite to UnseenLabs

Sweden-based space company GomSpace AB has announced it has delivered and commissioned the BRO-1 satellite for UnseenLabs, which Rocket Lab launched from New Zealand on August 19, the company said.

The launch and early operations phase was completed in only a few days, and the spacecraft is ready to commence operation for UnseenLabs.

BRO-1 is a 6U CubeSat designed to supply spectrum monitoring services from low Earth orbit, featuring unique hardware and software. The successful commission allows UnseenLab to take the operation to the next level and begin their adventure of maritime surveillance service based on electromagnetic intelligence.

GomSpace and UnseenLabs SAS continue to develop and deliver the second-generation 6U constellation platform. A phase of detailed design has been kicked off with the purpose of enhancing the capabilities and adding even more features — providing an even more disruptive spectrum monitoring service from space.

Under the Authorisation To Proceed, the parties continue to detail the design and specification of the second-generation 6U platform and expect an agreement to be finalized within the fall of 2019.

GomSpace Group AB´s business operations are conducted through the wholly owned Danish subsidiary, GomSpace A/S, with operational office in Aalborg, Denmark. GomSpace is engaged in the global market for space systems and services by introducing new products, i.e. components, platforms and systems based on innovation within professional nanosatellites.