Goldcar says average Brit walks 355 miles through airports during lifetime of travel

Research by car rental firm Goldcar has found that the average British traveller walks 355 miles through airports as they catch flights to destinations across the world – the equivalent of walking from the centre of London to the Scottish border, the company said.

The research found that travellers walk an average of 1.1km every time they either board or disembark from a flight. With the average holidaymaker taking just under two return journeys a year, over the average adult lifespan, Goldcar estimates that holidaymakers travel 571.5km or 355 miles with the most frequent travellers among those surveyed walking 88km or 54 miles in one year alone – a figure that if replicated throughout their adult lives would mean they had trudged more than 3400 miles.

The longest journeys in UK airports include the walk from Gatwick´s entrance to its North Terminal, which is estimated to be 1.8km or 1.12 miles. Others include a 1.22km or 0.76 miles walk to the end of Heathrow Terminal 5.

Across the world, the furthest journeys include a 3.2 km or 2 mile walk in Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3 and a 2.1 km or 1.3 mile walk at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Goldcar is a car rental company targeted at the leisure traveler seeking a value-based proposition. It has a network of over 80 offices in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Malta, Andorra, Morocco, Greece, Croatia, Netherlands, Mexico, Romania, and Cyprus, and a staff of 1,000 employees managing a fleet of over 50,000 vehicles.