Gogo's AVANCE platform tops 175,000 business aviation flights

Gogo Business Aviation (NASDAQ: GOGO) has announced that AVANCE L5 and AVANCE L3 have now flown more than 175,000 flights totaling more than 108 million miles, the company said.

The 175,000 flights is a milestone that took just two years to reach following the initial launch of AVANCE L5 in late-2017 and highlights how extensively the two systems have been used onboard business aircraft of all types and sizes.

Gogo currently has more than 1,000 AVANCE systems, which includes nearly 750 AVANCE L5 and more than 300 AVANCE L3 systems, installed and flying across a wide array of business aircraft, from single-engine turboprops to the heaviest-iron global business jets.

The L5 and L3 systems operate on the Gogo AVANCE platform — a combination of hardware and software that is the foundation of all of Gogo´s latest inflight connectivity solutions. With AVANCE, Gogo can now activate and de-activate features remotely — no license keys or onsite support required — so AVANCE L3 customers now have the ability to choose from one of three configuration options with the ability to transition between those options at any given time, without anyone having to step onboard an aircraft.

Gogo Business Aviation is an inflight internet company that provides broadband connectivity products and services for aviation.