Gogo Vision Touch to be installed on seatbacks of Delta's Bombardier CS100 aircraft

Gogo (NASDAQ: GOGO), the global provider of broadband connectivity products and services for aviation, has announced that it has partnered with Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL) and Delta Flight Products, Delta´s subsidiary aircraft interiors company, to launch Gogo Vision Touch, the company said.

Gogo Vision Touch is Gogo´s new seatback product that allows for wireless streaming of in-flight entertainment content like Delta Studio, Delta´s suite of onboard entertainment, to a tablet permanently mounted to the back of a seat, in addition to a customer´s personal device. Gogo Vision Touch will be installed by Bombardier in conjunction with Gogo´s industry-leading 2Ku connectivity technology on Bombardier CS100 aircraft.

Gogo Vision Touch is installed in concert with Gogo´s 2Ku solution and leverages Gogo´s in-cabin network technology — server, modem and wireless access points — to wirelessly bring entertainment to the seat. The system is engineered to be simple, inexpensive, lightweight and modular, prioritizing ease of use and maintenance for our customers.

Gogo is the provider of wireless in-flight entertainment through its Gogo Vision product, which leverages the same technology to wirelessly bring content to a passengers´ own device. That product is installed on more than 2,500 aircraft. Gogo Vision Touch will provide a similar experience to Gogo Vision but, rather than streaming content only to a passengers´ own device, the in-flight entertainment content will also be delivered to a fixed tablet in the seat.

Bombardier is the world´s manufacturer of both planes and trains. Looking far ahead while delivering today, Bombardier is evolving mobility worldwide by answering the call for more efficient, sustainable and enjoyable transportation everywhere. It is headquartered in Montréal, Canada.

Delta Air Lines serves more than 180 million customers each year.