Gogo installs 3,000th commercial aircraft with in-flight connectivity

Gogo (NASDAQ: GOGO) has reached a major milestone by installing its 3,000th commercial aircraft with in-flight connectivity, the company said.

Today, the company has 3,000 commercial aircraft and more than 4,200 business aircraft, totaling 7,200 aircraft installed. More than 130 of the 3,000 commercial aircraft are now installed with Gogo´s industry leading 2Ku technology that leverages Gogo´s global satellite network.

Most of the 7,200 aircraft are connected using Gogo´s North American ground network, but an increasing number of commercial aircraft are now flying on Gogo´s global satellite network.

2Ku relies on the new low profile, high efficiency Ku-band satellite antennas that outperform other connectivity solutions in the global aviation market. Since the announcement of Gogo´s 2Ku technology, 12 airlines representing more than 1500 aircraft have signed up for the service. Nearly all of these aircraft are expected to be installed by the end of 2018.

Gogo connects aircraft, providing its airlines partners with the world´s most powerful network and platform to help optimize their operations. The company has partnerships with 16 commercial airlines. Gogo also is a factory option at every major business aircraft manufacturer. The company has more than 1,000 employees and is headquartered in Chicago, IL, with additional facilities in Broomfield, CO, and various locations overseas.