Gogo Biz 4G completes initial phase of flight testing

Gogo Inc. (NASDAQ: GOGO) last week successfully completed the initial phase of flight testing for its Gogo Biz 4G service, marking a significant milestone in the company´s development of a new generation of connectivity and enhanced capabilities for business aviation, the company said.

During a recent four-hour flight-test sortie aboard the company´s Challenger 600 testbed, multiple streaming video and streaming audio sessions were conducted simultaneously on a variety of devices — including laptops, tablets and phones. To see it in action, check out this video of the flight test.

Gogo, known for its rigorous testing protocols, designed the initial phase of testing to put Gogo Biz 4G through its paces in the harshest real-world conditions including testing air and ground congestion.

Testing was conducted at full range from the respective ground sites — up to 150 miles — at typical business aircraft cruise altitudes (30,000-34,000 feet) in a live commercial environment with a plethora of other connected airline and business aircraft traffic in the vicinity.

Specifically, flight profiles covered both rural and congested urban areas — including the departure and arrival corridors for Chicago O´Hare, the nation´s second-busiest airport and the fifth busiest in the world. Flight testing was conducted using fully certified hardware on Gogo´s advanced air-to-ground network.

Created specifically for the business aviation market, Gogo Biz 4G is a specially designed application of Gogo´s latest air-to-ground technology that leverages its existing air-to-ground network and technology that has already flown hundreds of thousands of hours aboard thousands of business and commercial aircraft.

The Gogo Biz 4G equipment package will incorporate dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi service and a host of other features — all from a single, lightweight box.

With more than two decades of experience, Gogo provides in-flight connectivity and wireless entertainment services for commercial and business fleets around the world.

Today, Gogo has partnerships with 14 commercial airlines and is installed on more than 2,500 commercial aircraft. Nearly 7,000 business aircraft are also flying with its solutions, including the world´s largest fractional ownership fleets. Gogo also is a factory option at every major business aircraft manufacturer.