GNS Foods sells 43 tons of American Airlines nut mixes

Texas-based GNS Foods, a supplier of nuts to American Airlines, has announced it is selling 87,000 lbs of nut mixes at wholesale prices, the company said.

Under normal circumstances, GNS would provide nut mixes to American Airlines, which would ultimately be served to premium passengers. But with aircraft grounded and passenger counts decimated by COVID-19, the foods provider is getting creative with selling to their audience. The Dallas Morning News reports GNS has setup a website, with the goal of selling off over 43 tons of premium cabin nuts to frequent flyers.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, American and other airlines cut back on their in-flight services, meaning premium features like warm mixed nuts were the first thing to get cut. As it stands today, flyers aboard flights under 900 miles will not get snacks in the main cabin, and only receive water or canned beverages by request only.