Globetouch, Virtuosys partner

Globetouch Inc. and Virtuosys have partnered to co-develop the next generation of cloud connected edge computing devices and applications, the companies said.

Globetouch Inc. is a leader in global connectivity services and IoT platforms for the connected vehicle and the Internet of Things (IoT) market. Virtuosys is recognized for its revolutionary edge application platform, a highly secure software and hardware solution that facilitates cloud-edge communications, while also distributing computing power and capacity at the edge.

Together, the companies will develop a software SIM (soft Sim) cellular connected and cloud-managed edge computing device and edge apps, supporting verticals such as connected vehicles, autonomous driving and retail payments. The resulting innovation will be the first international out of box cellular connectivity solution offering the soft SIM function, as well as edge analytics in a secure virtualized application environment with cloud app store and intelligence.

Virtuosys offers an end-to-end Edge Application Platform that enables Internet of Things and business service companies to bring the power and advantages of the cloud closer to the edge, where real-world data is generated and acted upon. This highly-secure, easy-to-install, self-healing, low-cost platform combines distributed computing, state-of-the-art communications and a virtualized application environment, creating a hyper-converged edge.

Globetouch Inc. is a leader in global connectivity services and IoT platform for the connected car and the IoT market. By building an ecosystem of operators with a next generation control center, Globetouch Inc. provides car manufacturers and IoT enterprises a single interface to reach a global footprint. By providing an end to end IoT stack, Globetouch offers a deep learning based data processing platform for OEMs for application development.