Globehunters ranks Turkish Airlines with best in-flight entertainment

Globehunters has announced Turkish Airlines, offering cheaper Wi-Fi, has edged out Emirates and American Airlines in a new ranking of in-flight entertainment, the company said.

Globehunters is an online travel agency, that conducted a survey of the world´s 20 biggest airlines and their economy-class entertainment options. It took into consideration things like Wi-Fi availability and price, seat-back screens, music streaming, live TV, in-flight movies, plugs, and the ability to stream media on personal devices. After pulling all the data, Globehunters determined that Turkish Airlines was the best at keeping its passengers entertained on long-haul flights.

Emirates and American Airlines tied for second place. Each of the three top airlines offer all of the in-flight entertainment categories–including live TV–but Turkish topped the rankings because its Wi-Fi costs USD 15 for a 24-hour period. Emirates Wi-Fi costs USD 16 and American Airlines is USD 16 for 24 hours of access.

Air New Zealand, Air China, China Southern Airlines and Qantas offer free Wi-FI access in economy class but does not offer live TV access. LATAM Airlines didn´t offer any Wi-Fi access. Aeroflot charges USD 50 for 24 hours of Wi-Fi.