GlobalWebIndex launches B2B Workforce dataset

GlobalWebIndex, the supplier of digital consumer insights to the global marketing industry, has launched its Workforce dataset to help Business-to-Business (B2B) organizations inform brand and product strategy with unprecedented insights into how professional and consumer behaviors collide, the company said.

The first study to leverage the new Workforce dataset, commissioned by Slack Technologies, Inc., explores “The State of Work” with unprecedented insights from a dedicated B2B panel of 17,000 respondents overlaid with 40,000 existing data points from the GlobalWebIndex core dataset.

Top findings of The State of Work report include:

● The benefits of an aligned workforce are readily apparent — aligned workers have a clear understanding of their company´s strategy, their own personal goals and how those two things connect. 90% of them know what they need to do in their roles to be successful.

● ´The Alignment Paradox´ puts 325,000 hours of productivity at risk if not addressed carefully — globally, collaboration and communication must be improved, but organizations must refine, not simply add to, alignment strategies; 64% of workers spend at least 30 minutes per day switching between apps, amounting to 325,000 hours of lost annual productivity for an enterprise of 2,500 employees working 260 days per year.

● Hourly communication with coworkers, 3-4 meetings per day and quarterly goal-setting create the most aligned workers — these parameters resulted in workers being the most aligned with their company´s vision, values and principles, and in turn being more engaged with contributing to its progress.

● A combination of team meetings and collaborative channels provides the most effective communication — while workers report meetings and email announcements are most useful for delivering strategic communications, collaborative channels offering two-way communication are key to helping them understand the strategies.

Slack´s State of Work Report leverages this data to better understand the experience of modern workers and how they want their employers to set them up for success. Specifically, what do aligned workers look like, why does having aligned workers matter, and how do companies attract and retain aligned workers? To access The State of Work report in full, visit

To learn more about GlobalWebIndex´s Workforce dataset visit

GlobalWebIndex is a market research company headquartered in London that provides audience insight across 46 countries to the world´s largest brands, marketing agencies and media organizations. It gathers in-depth insights into audience behaviors, perceptions and interests through a combination of survey and analytics data using the GlobalWebIndex platform.