GlobalNet Deploys 800G Network with Ciena's WaveLogic 5

GlobalNet, a telecommunications company in Russia, recently upgraded its flexible grid network with Ciena´s (NYSE: CIEN) coherent optical technology, the company said.

This upgrade allows GlobalNet to offer unique, high-performance connectivity services to its customers.

GlobalNet offers connectivity services to communication operators and corporate clients in high-bandwidth sectors, including content delivery, media and storage. To support its customer needs, GlobalNet recently deployed Ciena´s WaveLogic 5 Extreme (WL5e), which allows GlobalNet customers to provide reliable, flexible and cost-efficient access to higher-quality bandwidth to interconnect data centers.

Following the upgrade, GlobalNet achieved significant efficiency improvements across its flexible grid network and more than doubled the speed of delivered bandwidth to its customers.

GlobalNet achieved industry capacity across all links in its network, including 600Gb/s between Moscow and St. Petersburg and 800Gb/s to interconnect data centers in St. Petersburg.

GlobalNet deployed WL5e on Ciena´s Waveserver 5 compact interconnect platform, which is optimized for efficient 100GbE/400GbE client services connectivity across any distance, addressing requirements of the most demanding data services and applications.

GlobalNet is an international backbone telecom operator. Their infrastructure includes communication lines in Europe and Asia. One of the company´s services is DATAIX -Internet exchange network between telecom operators and content providers in Russia, Europe and Asia. GlobalNet has over 30 connection points over a single traffic exchange network located in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands.

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