GlobalLogic deepens roots in Nordic region

GlobalLogic Inc., a provider of digital product engineering, has announced that it has acquired Assign Group, a software design and engineering firm headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, the company said.

Assign Group develops digitally driven user experiences for industries including automotive, information technology, and aerospace. The company´s core competencies align well with GlobalLogic´s software engineering and design capabilities, which major global brands rely upon to pursue their digital transformation initiatives.

The news marks GlobalLogic´s most recent move to strategically expand via targeted acquisitions. Assign Group meshes seamlessly with GlobalLogic´s vision, strategy, and industries. It also creates a key regional hub for GlobalLogic in the highly attractive Nordic region, enabling the company to offer end-to-end services with local and global design and software engineering teams.

GlobalLogic is a provider of digital product engineering headquartered in Silicon Valleyj. It operates design studios and engineering centers around the world.