Global travel search engine identifies top destinations and potential savings for online shoppers

Skyscanner, the global travel search engine, has taken a data deep-dive to scope out the destinations that are top-of-mind for travelers and the deals they can expect once the Thanksgiving hangover has subsided, the company said.

More than 100 million Americans braved the cyber waves last Black Friday and Cyber Monday, exceeding all online shopping forecasts, and Skyscanner is anticipating a record-breaking 2017.

Historically, Black Friday is a peak time for search and to book travel. After analyzing data from the site´s more than 60 million monthly users, Skyscanner found that in 2016, the average domestic flight price (US to US) was USD 610, while the average international flight price (US to International) was USD 1,500. For Black Friday in 2016, the average ticket price for flights booked on that day was USD 320, while international was USD 780. Therefore, based on this historic data there is potential for a nearly 50 percent savings for flights booked on Black Friday.

To that end, Skyscanner took a close look at the top five destinations that are most popular in terms of searches and exits from around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The results were unanimous, with Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Miami and New York the charge, and fortunately, attractive savings for each of these destinations:

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