Global Telesat Communications Surpasses 15,000 SPOT Sales

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc. (NYSE American: GSAT) and the provider of satellite messaging and emergency notification technologies, has announced that UK specialist wireless and satellite technology reseller, Global Telesat Communications (GTC), a subsidiary of Orbsat Corp (OTCQB: OSAT), has surpassed the milestone of selling 15,000 SPOT devices, the company said.

This includes 1,500 SPOT units deployed to safeguard remote working or at-risk employees for organisations including the UK Forestry Commission and numerous other commercial and non-commercial entities.

GTC´s customer base for SPOT spans both consumer and organisational users including security firms, utilities, maritime operations specialists, sports event organisers, government agencies, professional remote workers, as well as adventurers and other travellers.

GTC has won SPOT contracts awarded by government and commercial organisations including the deployment of more than 850 SPOT Gen3´s by the UK Forestry Commission since early 2016. The Commission, and GTC´s other organisational customers, use SPOT Gen3 to improve the safety of staff working in remote areas where alternative communications are unreliable or unavailable. NATO procured its SPOT Trace devices from GTC to study ocean current movement, using buoys, for operational purposes.

By using satellite communications, enabled by Globalstar´s second-generation Low-Earth Orbit satellite fleet, SPOT enables users to stay connected with emergency services, colleagues, friends and family, anywhere, even when beyond the reach of mobile phone networks and radio communications.

Global Telesat Communications Ltd (GTC), a subsidiary of Orbsat Corp (OTCQB: OSAT), is a supplier of mobile voice and data communications services via satellite. GTC provides equipment and airtime for use on all the major satellite networks including Globalstar, Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya allowing users in remote locations to make phone calls, connect to the Internet and track assets or personnel anywhere in the world. For more information regarding GTC, visit

Orbsat provides services and solutions to fulfil the rapidly growing global demand for satellite-based voice, high-speed data, tracking and IoT connectivity services. Building upon its long-term experience providing government, commercial, military and individual consumers with Mobile Satellite Services, Orbsat is positioned to capitalize on the significant opportunities being created by global investments in new and upgraded satellite networks.

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SPOT LLC, a subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc., provides affordable satellite communication and tracking devices for recreational and business use. SPOT messaging devices use both the GPS satellite network and the Globalstar network to transmit text messages and GPS coordinates. Since 2007, SPOT has provided peace of mind by allowing customers to remain in contact completely independent of mobile coverage, having initiated over 6,800 rescue callouts worldwide. For more information, visit