Global Telecom Gets 2nd Patent for Driverless Wireless Modules

Global Telecom, the only US manufacturer of modules for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, has received its second patent for wireless modules from the United States Patent and Trade Office, the company said.

US Patent number 10,582,018 covers driverless, host-less wireless modules that can serve as the foundational technology for every sensor and device in the IoT.

In 2017, Global Telecom received its first patent (9,961,168) for similar technological advances in the field of wireless modules for smart devices. The driverless and host-less module is supported by select blockchain technology to add layers of security and easy usability to an inherently susceptible access point in the Internet of Things. The module is a hacker´s favored target because it enables free access to the network.

Global Telecom engineers hardware, software and AI solutions that enable a reliable and secure Internet of Things. The company was named the Emerging IoT Company of the Year for the Consumer Market in the 2020 Compass Intelligence Tech Awards. Global Telecom has a long history of meeting and exceeding industry standards.