Global Telecom Announces 5G Modem for Internet of Things

Global Telecom, a US manufacturer of modules for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, has launched an update of its TITAN line of advanced modems, including a 5G modem that´s one of the first to be widely available to consumers and small businesses, the company said.

The new TITAN 5000 is a smart 5G indoor modem that takes full advantage of the ongoing rollout of cutting-edge 5G mobile networks. As the flagship of Global Telecom´s TITAN line, it is an all-in-one solution for controlling the Internet of Things with up to 1 Gbps data throughput (limited by ethernet speed) and performance comparable to wired broadband service.

Global Telecom´s unique approach to antenna design offers unparalleled reliability at a time when the lack of consistency in fast network connectivity is a complaint about mobile network operators. The TITAN 5000 combines the advanced options of 5G mobile networks with the traditional unlicensed WiFi networks common in every home or office, allowing a user´s self-designed Internet of Things to maintain connectivity with all sensors and devices, regardless of active outside network. It also supports all 4G and 5G frequency bands in North America and meets 3GPP Release 15 specifications.

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