Global sports TV leader chooses Walton De-Ice to protect satellite broadcast facilities

Walton De-Ice (, the world´s designer and manufacturer of satellite earth station antenna (ESA) weather protection solutions, announced that a global sports media entity has purchased multiple Walton Plenum Hot-Air De-Icing systems and heated Snow Shield antenna covers, the company said.

The Walton De-Ice systems have been installed in order to protect incoming and outgoing satellite signals from effects of snow and ice at one of the world´s largest and most technologically advanced TV production facilities.

According to Walton De-Ice, the global sports media company added four new Walton Hot Air De-Ice systems to protect 6.1m satellite network distribution antennas. In addition, ten heated Snow Shield antenna covers will protect 4.5m antennas used to collect raw satellite sports and remote feeds at the facility.

Walton´s Hot Air De-Ice systems — including the company´s unique Plenum enclosure installed on the rear of a satellite earth station antenna — provide the most reliable and economic antenna de-icing solutions on the market.

The Snow Shield solution for 0.6 to 6.3-meter antennas is a coated RF-transparent material stretched over the satellite antenna, and can be used as a Passive, Heated, or Ice Quake system to shed snow off the antenna before ice forms.

For over 40 years, W.B. Walton Enterprises ( has designed and manufactured the broadest and highest performance line of De-Ice equipment available for satellite earth station antennas. From its original Hot-Air (Plenum), to its Snow Shield, Rain Quake, and Ice Quake systems, to its Portable Radome for transportable applications, Walton De-Ice delivers the most innovative and effective solutions to help protect critical satellite networks from degradation and outages due to weather.