Global online travel buyers visit TripAdvisor before booking hotel or flight: Study

TripAdvisor, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRIP) has announced the results of the “Path to Purchase” study, which provides an in-depth look into how consumers research and book travel online, and the impact TripAdvisor content has on these decisions, the company said.

The study, conducted by comScore in 12 major travel markets across the globe and analyzing activity on more than 325 transactional sites, shows that TripAdvisor reached 60% of all travelers (and 67% of US travelers) who researched and ultimately booked travel online in Q2 and Q3 2017.

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The study determined that across the globe, TripAdvisor is the number one most-visited site and app by consumers prior to booking in the top travel markets included in the study.

The study also shows that TripAdvisor´s unquestionable influence of consumers´ travel purchasing decisions spans categories, regardless of whether consumers ultimately end up booking on a hotel, online travel agent (OTA) or airline site.

The study found that travelers don´t often have a clear destination or even a specific hotel, airline or OTA brand from which to purchase their trip in mind when they begin their research, and are increasingly more comfortable beginning their travel research without a brand or destination in mind.

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