Global financial leader adopts Everbridge's Industry Best Practices and Standards

Everbridge, Inc. (NASDAQ: EVBG), the global provider of critical event management, has announced that Goldman Sachs will employ the services offered by Everbridge to enhance its ability to monitor operational risk, business continuity and employee safety events for its people and assets around the globe, the company said.

Everbridge Critical Event Management (CEM) Suite customers include some of the largest firms and leaders in their respective industries, including health care retailer CVS Health, luxury brand Tiffany & Co., insurance providers like Anthem, which ranks #33 on the Fortune 100, chemical giant Dow, and telecom consumer electronics company Nokia, as well as some of Silicon Valley´s tech giants, global e-commerce firms, streaming media services, oil and natural gas providers, hotel and hospitality chains, automotive, courier delivery, aerospace and defense technology, air travel, and major car rental firms.

The leadership shown by these companies in setting the highest standards for resiliency also extends into the government sector, such as the recently announced CEM contract involving the United States Department of Labor.

By aggregating risk data from multiple sources in near real time, the Everbridge CEM platform enables customers to rapidly and seamlessly determine the relevance of a threat, track the execution of response plans and procedures, inform stakeholders, and analyze ongoing performance. More than 4,800 customers around the globe rely on Everbridge solutions to monitor and manage business disruption, coordinate risk intelligence and execute recovery plans across command centers, with the goal of protecting their employees, customers, and assets, eliminating costly disruptions, and improving brand reputation.

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