Global automated border control systems increases at airports

ReportLinker has released market research that found as airports around the world continue to increase efficiency and security with technologies designed to expedite the customs process for international travelers, implementation of automated border control (ABC) systems or eGates, in use for several years at international airports, is gradually increasing, the company said.

Biometric capabilities are key aspects of ABC systems, but there is still no standardization among systems or regions that use them. This research is designed to provide readers a look into the state of the ABC systems market from 2015 to 2020 and the key trends that will influence its evolution.

The report found efficiency and immigration control were primary drivers leading to the development of ABC systems and other border control technologies. The recent surge of terrorist incidents will affect the growth trajectory of these systems, but whether the trajectory is positive or negative has yet to be determined.

Vision-Box leads the ABC market with its vb i-match eGate offering and will probably continue to lead through the end of 2016. Activity in Europe has intensified, but the road to harmonization may take its toll on market growth.

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