Global AI, Bio-Health, 5G Innovation Competition Launched in Beijing

The HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition was launched on Friday in Beijing by some of the world´s tech entrepreneurs, companies, and investors, and is open for entrants, the company said.

Running for four months, the competition is open to any individual entrepreneur or team of entrepreneurs from around the world with new or early stage start-up business ideas in AI, bio-health, and next-generation information technology such as 5G. 100 entrants will be chosen to share in RMB 80 million (USD USD 11M) of cash prizes, and RMB 1 billion (USD USD 140M) in VC investment funds.

The competition is organised by HICOOL and receives support from powerful innovators such as: tech firms Alibaba Group, ByteDance, Baidu, Xiaomi, and Microsoft; Peking University; and investors Northern Light, Sequoia, and IDG Capital Partners, among others.

The HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Competition ends in September 2020 at the HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit in Beijing, where the semi-finals and finals will be held in a spectacular ´carnival´ summit with music and entertainment, giving investors and entrepreneurs the chance to cultivate business and social relationships.