Global Aerospace Aircraft enhances breakdown assistance program

Aerospace insurance provider Global Aerospace, Inc. has announced two enhancements to its aircraft breakdown assistance program, the company said.

The program, launched in January 2018 to its US light aircraft policyholders, will now also be available to global aerospace policyholders with kit, experimental, antique, rare and unique aircraft.

The aircraft breakdown assistance program fueled by Savvy Aviation is now available to US Global Aerospace policyholders at no additional cost. Global clients who signed up for the Savvy program in 2018 will be automatically registered for another year of protection, at no additional cost.

Global Aerospace has a worldwide portfolio of clients who are engaged in every aspect of the aviation and space industries. Headquartered in London, the company´s underwriting is backed by a pool of high quality insurance companies.

Savvy Aviation´s extraordinary team of veteran maintenance experts has been serving as a trusted maintenance advisor to more than 10,000 owners of general aviation aircraft.