Gigacable Chooses Telia Carrier to Boost Internet Connectivity in Mexico

One of Mexico´s broadband and Cable TV providers, Gigacable, has selected Telia Carrier´s IP Transit and backbone services to provide dedicated Internet access to its consumer and enterprise businesses in Mexico, the company said.

The partnership will give Gigacable access to Telia Carrier´s global network, supporting consumer demand for the increasing need for scalable, high performance connectivity in the Mexican market.

Gigacable is the first broadband and cable TV provider to deliver a 100 percent digital, interference-free broadband services in Mexico. Gigacable also offers the most extensive programming in the region.

Telia Carrier expanded into Mexico in the Spring of 2018, providing wholesale IP Transit, Ethernet, IPX, and Cloud Connect for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), content and cloud providers in the region.

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Gigacable is the first telecommunications company in Mexico to offer a 100 percent digital interference-free services, providing DVD image and CD sound quality. Learn more at