Geoverse, Orion Labs to Deliver Frontline Workforce Communications

Geoverse, a company specializing in interconnected private LTE/5G networks for the enterprise, announced its partnership with Orion Labs, the voice communication and automation platform for frontline workers, the company said.

When integrated with Geoverse´s private LTE/5G network, the Orion Voice Platform helps enterprises transform how and where jobs are performed, enabling a mobile-first workforce for industry verticals like hospitality, facilities services, energy, and more.

Orion provides a full suite of voice solutions to drive productivity and safety, including encrypted push-to-talk, web dispatch, indoor positioning services, and AI workflows such as language translation and safety alerts. Organizations also use Orion to replace legacy radio systems: the Orion Voice Platform supports a breadth of devices to enable communications in any work environment.

Orion´s first deployment on Geoverse is live at 7 Cedars Casino in Sequim, Washington. 7 Cedars Casino uses Geoverse´s private LTE network with CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) to ensure connectivity for guests and staff. The hotel staff collaborates using Orion´s push-to-talk service and Emergency Alerts. 7 Cedars Casino operates safely and securely, knowing their network and devices will stay up and running when they need them most.

Geoverse´s interconnected private LTE/5G network is the foundation that securely connects these Orion users. With Geoverse´s ability to offer seamless roaming, Orion users can also transparently connect to the networks of other public mobile carriers when necessary. In short, they remain connected whether physically working on the property or off.

Together, Geoverse and Orion provide an interconnected private LTE/5G network and secure communication devices. Now, people can always be connected with secure push-to-talk devices and stay connected when it matters.

Geoverse is a specialized mobile operator that builds, owns, and operates wireless assets for enterprise verticals, carriers, and consumers. The company´s private LTE/5G infrastructure interconnects with major mobile operators resulting in a solution where one network delivers two benefits: a secure and robust network for private applications and 5-bar coverage for tenants and visitors.

Orion Labs Inc. is an enterprise voice-first platform to connect frontline workers. For more information, visit