Geoverse, KOAMTAC to Demonstrate How Private Networks Enable Digital Transformation

Geoverse, a company known for making private LTE/5G easy for the enterprise, is teaming up with KOAMTAC to offer portable barcode scanner and mobile Point of Sale (mPoS) IoT solutions, the company said.

This innovative technology is complemented and empowered by Geoverse´s high-performance private LTE/5G network and will reshape how industries like retail and logistics conduct business.

KOAMTAC offers scanners with advanced mobility, such as one comprised of an accompanying sled that turns any modern Android or iOS smartphone into a powerful 1D and 2D barcode reader, creating new levels of productivity for enterprises. These scanners can harness the power of these smartphones to access Geoverse´s CBRS-powered private LTE/5G network. This ubiquitous connectivity revolutionizes remote asset and inventory tracking across the digital landscape, allowing enterprises to do more with less. This is crucial as more organizations look to automate their workplaces towards Industry 4.0.

Geoverse specializes in private cellular networks that provide security, seamlessness, and reliability. Scanners can read the data and use their connected smartphones to take advantage of the private network attributes. Now, they can securely transmit information locally or nationally and provide near-instant updates.

Geoverse is a specialized mobile operator that builds, owns, and operates wireless assets for enterprise verticals, carriers, and consumers. The company´s private LTE/5G infrastructure interconnects with major mobile operators resulting in a solution where one network delivers two benefits: a secure and robust network for private applications and 5-bar coverage for tenants and visitors. Geoverse is a subsidiary of ATN International (NASDAQ: ATNI), a company with over 30 years of experience building sustainable connectivity solutions.

KOAMTAC, Inc., headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, produces a signature line of lightweight, ergonomic Bluetooth companion barcode scanners, sled barcode scanners, RFID readers, mPOS, and enterprise charging solutions. With its unique patented design, all KOAMTAC products provide consumers with a durable and enhanced data collection and power solution. KOAMTAC products are available for use with iOS®, Android®, Mac®, Tizen®, and Windows®-based devices. For additional information, visit