GeoSpock collaborates with GeoWorks

GeoSpock has announced a collaboration with the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) to drive large scale geospatial data processing and analytics, the company said.

The introduction of GeoSpock´s data processing engine will enable location intelligence and rapid visualisation, supporting GeoWorks in the drive to promote business growth and innovation across industries. GeoWorks was set up by the SLA as an industry centre to foster a vibrant geospatial ecosystem by connecting geospatial businesses, entrepreneurs, as well as users and support them with the resources and expertise to catalyse geospatial innovation and solutions.

For a start, GeoSpock will utilise the SLA´s OneMap datasets for geospatial-temporal visualisation on GeoSpock´s platform to accelerate business intelligence and insights.

The collaboration will explore the use of GeoSpock´s technology as a ´data ocean´ for multiple disparate geo-temporal datasets to enable efficient cost optimisation of extreme-scale datasets, as well as the dynamic visual and programmatic analytical access for onward downstream use.

The partnership will also utilise GeoSpock´s technology to provide lightweight and fast 3D data processing; this vision includes the exploration and design of a centralised, accessible Smart City Operating System (OS).

GeoSpock® provides analytics, builds insight, and enables predictions across space and time. Its proprietary data integration platform visualises extreme amounts of contextual data in milliseconds. Its architecture has the ability to analyse trillions of geospatial and temporal data points in sub-second response time with its high performance, cloud-based services — infin8â„¢, illumin8â„¢, and extrapol8â„¢. Conceived by Dr Steve Marsh while reading for his PhD in Computer Science at Cambridge University and founded as a business in 2013, GeoSpock is the future of big data management, providing extreme-scale, high volume-ingest, ease of use, and interactive results. Learn more at