Genova Diagnostics buys Metametrix

US diagnostic testing specialist Genova Diagnostics Inc said it had acquired clinical laboratory tests provider Metametrix Inc for an undisclosed sum.

Following the transaction, Metametrix’s chief executive officer Dr Alexander Bralley will become a consultant to the new organisation, concentrating on testing approaches and clinical education programmes development. At this point the combined group will continue to operate under the two brands.

Genova Diagnostics’ chief executive and chairman Ted Hull said that through the deal the company will be able to expand its geographic footprint. Hull further said that the parties plan to increase investments in R&D, clinical studies, medical education and market expansion.

The combined entity will serve more than 9,000 healthcare practitioners per year across the US and 45 territories. It will have a headcount of 400 based in three locations in Asheville, North Carolina, Duluth, Georgia, and London, the UK.

Metametrix, formed in 1984, develops technology for the measurement of nutritional insufficiencies, metabolic dysfunction, microbial imbalances and toxic influences on health. Genova was created in 1986 and is focused on clinical laboratory testing for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of complex chronic disease.