General Micro Systems chosen for rugged, deployable video conversion and compression system

General Micro Systems (GMS), a rugged C4ISR mobile systems and servers company, has announced a design win for a system with both advanced video coding (AVC/H.264) and high efficiency video encoding (HEVC/H.265) integrated with the GMS S1202-HS Golden-Eye IV ruggedized, small form factor workstation, the company said.

The solution will enable GMS´ customer to transmit video more efficiently while retaining high image quality and maximizing the opportunity for extracting all-important video metadata.

The combination of the customer´s software and GMS´ rugged, small form factor S1202-HS device enables users operating in demanding physical environments, including military and industrial organizations, to deliver compressed full motion video and sensor data over constrained networks, and to retain the high resolution captured by the camera.

Designed for low size, weight, and power (SWaP) environments and equipped with the proper software algorithms, this lightweight product will compress, trans-code, transmit and store live, video and sensor data over IP-based terrestrial or satellite networks with up to 2:1 HEVC compression (compared with AVC) while reducing resolution degradation.

General Micro Systems is the industry expert in highest-density, modular, compute-intensive, and rugged small form-factor embedded computing systems, servers, and switches. These powerful systems are ideal for demanding C4ISR defense, aerospace, medical, industrial, and energy exploration applications. For more information, visit