General Harmonics International, AITP Europe to develop next generation music streaming platform

General Harmonics is entering into a strategic partnership and joint venture with AITP Europe AS, the company said.

The joint venture, to be named Beatstone, will bring to market new technologies and concepts in an interactive, socially driven, innovative music streaming experience for artists, consumers, labels and music industry professionals.

The Beatstone platform will utilize General Harmonics´ proprietary DynamicMedia Cloud platform, high-efficiency media delivery mechanism, and interactive media format as its technology backbone.

The DynamicMedia format preserves full fidelity 16 bit / 44.1 kHz audio with a 20 times reduced data set and streamed at 70 kb per second without loss of quality. In addition to full fidelity audio, the Beatstone platform will also deliver synchronized video and lyrics across multiple networks.

Beatstone will take advantage of General Harmonics´ technology to allow emerging artists to create online profiles, upload music directly to Beatstone´s streaming service, promote and distribute their music world wide, and connect with industry professionals.

Through the strategic partnership, the parties intend to work together to further expand platform functionality, including 192KHz/24 bit audio and multi-channel audio, to be efficiently streamed to web interfaces and mobile devices.

General Harmonics International Inc. holds ownership of unique proprietary technology called DynamicMedia. The technology, using modern principles of information processing and non-linear dynamics, is designed to provide interactive, fluidly synchronized communication through a proprietary global media content exchange, which transforms standard linear music streaming into immersive user-driven experiences.

AITP Europe AS is a Norwegian company with its head office located in Bergen, Norway. AITP USA Inc. is a subsidiary of AITP Europe AS with offices planned for Los Angeles, CA.

Beatstone, pivoting off of its 2,045,000 followers and more than 42 million views on Google + is developing an interactive, socially driven, music streaming business. It has a distribution arrangement with INgrooves, which enables distribution to more than 600 digital retailers worldwide and physical distribution for qualified projects to more than 200 territories.