General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies gets PASCOM contract

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies said it has received a contract from PASCOM, a satellite communications integrator in Chile, for an advanced Earth station antenna reflector and communications signal feed design.

The new design both transmits and receives Ku- and Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS)-band communications simultaneously. The Earth station comprises a nine-meter antenna and six-port feed that will be produced by General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies and delivered to PASCOM for integration and installation. PASCOM will then deliver the new dual-band Earth station to CLARO, a multi-media entertainment and service provider whose satellite-based television network delivers on-demand programming directly to homes and businesses throughout Latin America.

SATCOM Technologies engineering team developed the new Earth station to transmit television programming simultaneously at the Ku- (14 Ghz) and DBS-bands (18 GHz) to multiple satellites that then distribute programming back to CLARO´s television customers.

Developing the new dual-band Earth station came down to solving a physics principle that simultaneous transmission of Ku- and DBS-bands causes intermodulation or interference on the Earth station´s receive band. The problem was solved by creating a new Earth station design with low Passive Intermodulation capabilities accomplished by re-designing the antenna reflector and adding a six-port feed.

General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) combined the resources of Advanced Information Systems and C4 Systems as “General Dynamics Mission Systems” on January 1, 2015.