General Atomics, Nuclear Energy Institute partner to support DoD micro-reactor program

General Atomics (GA), parent company of General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, has announced it is supporting “Roadmap for the Deployment of Micro-Reactors for the US Department of Defencce (DoD) Domestical Installations,” a report from the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), the company said.

The report lays out a clear path toward deploying small (<10 MWe) nuclear reactors at DoD installations in potentially as little as five years. Both Congress and the DoD have identified energy security as a key issue for the US Armed Forces. As the military becomes more reliant on advanced computing and networking for its mission-critical tasks, and moves toward the deployment of advanced weapons with large power demands, it has become critically dependent on resilient sources of electricity. GA is developing a mobile nuclear power supply that is truck/air shippable and would fit in a standard military shipping container. General Atomics is San Diego-based defense contractor specializing in nuclear physics including nuclear fission and nuclear fusion.