Gemedy software suite uses machine learning to discover hidden networks

Gemedy, an intelligent software and systems company, has announced the release of its new enterprise software suite, Gemedy SKEINâ„¢, which enables organizations to strengthen their strategic positions by detecting hidden influence that other entities are having on their customers, partners, employees, suppliers, competitors, environments, and markets, the company said.

Additionally, it enables organizations to maximize their own influence.

In the past year, awareness has grown of the power of small online actions to exert disproportionately large real-world influence. Gemedy SKEIN — a System for Knowledge Extraction via Influence Networks — provides an intuitive web interface that allows enterprise users to scan a range of data sources and time scales for evidence of such influence. SKEIN then visualizes any uncovered networks of influence and provides recommendations for either leveraging or counteracting those networks.

Founded by Harvard and MIT researchers, Gemedy is a provider of intelligent software and systems to the public and private sectors. Named an SBA Emerging Leader, Gemedy serves customers including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and top universities and laboratories. Gemedy´s areas of expertise include machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and cybersecurity. For more information, visit or follow @GemedyInc.