Gelesis Partnership with Ro on Commercial Launch of Plenity

Gelesis, a biotechnology company developing a novel hydrogel platform technology to treat obesity and other chronic diseases related to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, and Ro, a US telehealth provider, has announced it will partner to offer high-quality remote care dedicated to weight management and prescription fulfillment of Plenity, the company said .

Ro´s telehealth services will complement traditional live interactions to ensure people seeking healthcare provider guidance for weight loss will have easy access to multiple options. Through the Gelesis-Ro partnership, Plenity will be the first FDA-cleared weight management aid and first primary care product to launch with both traditional healthcare provider and telehealth services, making Plenity available to patients nationwide.

Plenity, an orally administered, non-systemic and non-stimulant aid to weight management, was recently cleared for use by the FDA in adults with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25–40 kg/m2, when used in conjunction with diet and exercise. It is the only prescription weight management product indicated for use by overweight adults with a BMI as low as 25 kg/m2, making it available for the largest number of adults affected by overweight and obesity of any prescription weight-management aid.

Ro currently powers digital health clinics that provide a personalized end to end telehealth experience from medical diagnosis to the delivery of prescription and over-the-counter products. Plenity will be the only weight management treatment available through Ro´s digital clinics as the company expands to treat new conditions on its platform. Ro´s portfolio currently includes products for men´s and women´s sexual health, smoking cessation and insomnia.

Obesity is a chronic progressive disease resulting from multiple environmental and genetic factors. Because of the disease complexity, there are numerous therapeutic and social challenges facing individuals seeking assistance to achieve a healthier weight. There are also limited safe and effective prescription options to treat adults who are overweight but do not meet the clinical threshold for obesity.

Through Ro´s telehealth platform, adults will have access to physicians trained in weight management support. Those interested in learning if Plenity is a safe and appropriate treatment for them can seek care through an online doctor´s visit dedicated to weight management. If it is determined that an individual should be seen in person for follow-up care or is better suited for another course of treatment, the provider will recommend that they visit their primary care provider or a specialist.

Adults who receive a prescription for Plenity through Ro´s platform will have access to unlimited follow up communication with their physician at no additional cost and will be provided with educational resources and lifestyle recommendations. Ro can also keep a patient´s in-person provider updated on their treatment plan at the patient´s request to ensure continuity of care.

PLENITY is an oral, non-systemic, superabsorbent hydrogel which has received FDA clearance as an aid in weight management in overweight and obese adults with a BMI of 25–40 kg/m2, when used in conjunction with diet and exercise. For more information, visit

Gelesis is developing a novel hydrogel platform technology to treat overweight and obesity and chronic diseases related to the GI pathway. Gelesis´ proprietary approach is designed to act mechanically in the GI pathway to potentially alter the course of certain chronic diseases. For more information, visit

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