GDC Technics delivers customized B777 to confidential head of state customer

GDC Technics, an aircraft company, has announced the delivery of a B777-300ER, completed with exterior modifications and a fully customized interior cabin, to a confidential head-of-state customer, the company said.

The B777-300ER is equipped with technologies and materials that provide industry-leading inflight data, connectivity, and passenger comfort capabilities for full range IFE functionality. The exterior modifications also includes a full security system, forward- looking, quad, downward zoom, and tail fin cameras, and world-wide connectivity — including a duel SATCOM system, KA-Band Antenna, Iridium system, and Satellite TV Antenna to provide live, 4K Television.

The aircraft was customized to include the most advanced technology and bespoke interior fit for a head of state customer. The wide-body aircraft was completed under the GDC cabin weight reduction initiative using lighter weight engineering solutions resulting in overall weight savings for the aircraft.

GDC Technics is in aircraft engineering & technical services, modifications, electronic systems, R&D, government services, and MRO services.