GCT Semiconductor LTE chip powers NEC Platforms mobile router

GCT® Semiconductor, a designer and supplier of advanced 4G mobile semiconductor solutions, has announced that its 4.75G LTE Advanced Pro chip, GDM7243A, powers the new high-speed LTE mobile router developed by NEC Platforms (NECPF), and launched by UQ Communications (UQ) in Japan this month, the company said.

The new Speed Wi-Fi NEXT WX04 achieves high downlink/uplink speeds of 440/30 Mbps in TDD mode by using a combination of both 4×4 MIMO and Carrier Aggregation (CA) technologies.

GCT´s TDD/FDD-LTE Advanced chip features high performance multi-antenna technology, 4×4 MIMO and CA, therefore significantly improving LTE coverage, peak throughput and spectral efficiency. In addition, this chip is the world´s first to offer field-proven 8 antenna diversity (4×8 MIMO), which will likely play a key role for 5G technology. GDM7243A delivers Cat 12/15 throughputs with speeds of up to 800 Mbps in FDD. GDM7243A incorporates numerous technologies that will be used in 5G standards, therefore preparing for the path to 5G.

GCT Semiconductor is a fabless designer and supplier of advanced 4G LTE semiconductor solutions. GCT´s market-proven LTE solutions have enabled fast and reliable LTE connectivity to numerous commercial devices such as smartphones, tablets, hotspots, USB dongles, routers, M2M applications, etc., for the world´s top LTE carriers. GCT also offers a new LTE solution optimized for the Internet of Things (IoT).

GCT´s system-on-chips integrate radio frequency, baseband modem and digital signal processing functions, therefore offering complete 4G platform solutions with small form factors, low power consumption, high performance, high reliability and cost effectiveness. For more information, visit www.gctsemi.com