Gain Full Control Over Your Payments with GumBallPay Payment Gateway

Having a secure system to facilitate online payments by credit card or debit card is one of the most important features of any eCommerce business. GumBallPay was established with the objective of providing such a system to businesses of all types, whether low-risk, high-risk, or anywhere in between.

Founded in 2019, GumBallPay works to provide businesses around the world with a secure and trusted payment gateway that accepts all major credit cards, to enable transactions in multiple currencies with complete peace of mind for the customer.

In just over two years, the GumBallPay Payment Gateway has become accessible to clients in 180 countries worldwide, accepting Visa, Diners, Mastercard, Discover, RuPay and JCB as standard. Through its trusted worldwide network of acquirers, processors and third-party providers, GumBallPay is able to offer optimised rates and local payments almost anywhere in the world. GumBallPay is not owned or controlled by an acquiring bank. Instead, the company works with multiple financial institutions to guarantee clients the best possible rates.

Integrating the GumBallPay Payment Gateway is fast and simple. Onboarding takes no longer than seven days, with 24 hour approval for payment processing. The quick onboarding includes access to an expert team of developers and payment engineers from day one, with 24/7 care and support throughout the product lifecycle. Engineers are on hand to integrate the system into existing processes and accounts, including merchant bank accounts, ensuring full compliance with global payment security regulations.

Clients of GumBallPay have access to a wide range of tools once the system is fully integrated, facilitating more control over online payments. These include payment cycles, billing services and report generation, all designed to help each client gain complete control and visibility from the beginning to the end of each transaction and process. The primary goals of GumBallPay Payment Gateway include facilitating access to payments from all global credit cards and ensuring a stable and secure service for businesses and their valued customers.

The GumBallPay Payment Gateway has been designed to integrate seamlessly with all major online shopping carts and uses 3D Secure to reduce fraud. The system is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant for full peace of mind, both for business owners and for every member of their customer base. Each system is bespoke, tailored to cater to the specific payment requirements of the business in question and provide a feature-rich, effective and secure solution to all payment needs.