Gabb Wireless Unveils Age-Appropriate Phone

Gabb Wireless has taken the next leap forward in kids´ phones and tech parents can trust, the company said.

The company is announcing a number of products and programs to protect children, headlined by the Z2 Gabb Phone, a smartphone for kids offering even more features to keep them safe and minimize screen time.

The company is unveiling additional products, services and sponsorships that align with their message for kids to live beyond the screen. These include a new smartwatch, partnerships with Defend Innocence, BYU´s Cougar Strong and Gabb Ambassadors, role models of what kids can accomplish today when they live beyond the screen.

Gabb announced the new products and programs with hip-hop artist Lecrae; Gabb Ambassadors; Defend Innocence Board Chair and President Shelaine Maxfield, and founder of #SavetheKids and motivational TEDx speaker Collin Kartchner.

Established in 2018 and headquartered in Provo, Utah, Gabb Wireless enables parents to provide phones for kids without worrying about untethered access to the Internet, inappropriate content, social media pressure, online bullying, academic distraction and cellphone addiction. To learn more about Gabb, visit